Rockin Riders of Rockin E Ranch
Rockin Riders of Rockin E Ranch

Rockin Riders of Rocking E Ranch is a youth equestrian program in Warrenton, NC

About us

Rockin Riders of Rocking E Ranch

Rockin' E Riders exists to mentor children and young adults by providing a safe and positive environment. While also teaching horsemanship and experiencing the therapeutic effects horses have to offer. The equine program teaches students to take concepts like leadership, teamwork, accountability and responsibility and put them to work within the real world. Rockin’ Rider's expenses are supplemented by a "work benefit" program to offset the cost of Equine Activities for kids in the community. Our hearts broke when unfair life circumstances almost ended some of their time at the farm. The need for this program exists but, because traditional funding is not available due to lack of special needs as defined by our federal government. Rockin E. Ranch currently provides services for about 20 Riders and we have a waiting list. The minimum cost for each rider and their equine friend is $750.00. Every Rider is sponsored to some degree.
Erin is just down right Fabulous. I have seen her first hand with the kids and I Absolutely love that they are outside ... working ... moving ... learning and doing something that they can appreciate and reap the rewards of. It’s calming and therapeutic to be on the back of a horse and these kids will benefit from this.....I know that I do.
Teaches the kids- How to ride. But also the responsibility of owning and taking care of a horse.She teaches it all and lets the kids experience all aspects of horses.Also teaches them to share and to work with each other.Makes them suffer if their grades aren't up- they don't get to play.
Erin is the best! My go to for advice and help!